Hello Blogging World

Since my first post was a bit, how do you say – dramatic? I’ll start somewhat fresh with a proper introduction!

My name is Jen, I hate my name, I’m 29 years young, happily married to my best friend whose blog you should follow and can be found @ http://beefyhouse.com! We have no fleshy children, but plenty of furry children and even some scaly children… Oh and let’s not forget about our little shelled child, either. I like to think I’m hilarious and if you don’t think so, too, well then… you’re dumb, so there! I am equal parts sensitive, sarcastic, emotional and something else, I don’t know what – maybe crazy? I’m a writer! I love to write! Horrible poetry that has no rhythm. Literary role-play on RP forums, short stories (of which I haven’t written in I don’t know how long) and now a blog which I’ll likely neglect more than actually write in. I’m a fairly open book, read me.


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