My husband is an amazing writer and this is one of my favorite pieces he’s written as of yet. Read it and let us know what you think!

Matt Roberts

Over at The Daily Post they’ve submitted a writing challenge that I felt the need to participate in. You can read all about it (or participate as well!) here. The prompt is “Starting Over.”

Henry was standing at the door to an all night convenience store. The door was all glass except for the metal frame and the metal handle that stuck out like a giant sideways L. There were stickers all over the door showcasing some tobacco or alcoholic product that was sold inside.

Henry held onto the handle and had a feeling rush over him. That feeling. The one that makes you forget everything for just a second and you question what it is you’re doing and where you’re at. Henry had that feeling before, and deja vu, it seemed as if it had happened in this very spot at exactly this moment. That’s how deja vu…

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