Fat Girls & Pixie Cuts

I am not, nor will I ever be a size 2.

There, now that that is said and out of the way, let me progress by exclaiming that hair stylists that feel a need to shame large women who want to get their luxurious locks cut off in a daring (and need I say very cute?) pixie cut – ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Are they trying to say they don’t want my generous tip for a service well executed? Whatever the case, I get my hair shaped in a style that I like. Me. I. My-fucking-self. Get it? Got it? GOOD.

Fat bitches everywhere, be shamed no longer and spring for that totally cute pixie cut! And should the stylist you are sitting before say anything remotely like; “Well, that haircut is better fitted for skinny people.” Or, “Let’s try something else that will work with your facial structure.” – Punch the SHIT out of them!

No, seriously, don’t do that – but what you can do is either assert yourself in your decision, sneer at them and ask for another stylist who isn’t prone to shitting from their mouth or try that little thing called being classy, smiling and moving on to another salon who has no qualms with performing the task you are so diligently (and assertively!) looking to have done.

Because, seriously? Fuck a bunch of fat shaming. It’s YOUR head, style it how YOU want with confidence. Needless to say, I’m overdue to get my little pixie cut! Here’s to hoping I don’t perform a sneer worthy of one Severus Snape or worse – slap the shit out of someone.


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