Yours Truly

My name is Jennifer, most call me Jen though. I’m 29 years old, got a mouth like a sailor and know how to use it. If you couldn’t tell by the obvious title of my blog, I am very much a dirty dame. I have a crude sense of humor, can be extremely sarcastic and I’m not afraid to post what I want on my blog. So if you are sensitive to sexual or opinionated content, this isn’t the blog for you. Content here is indeed NSFW and this blog promotes the LGBTPA community. I am bisexual, you see.

On the dark side of the coin, however, I am extremely whimsical, sweet, funny, loving and kind. You’ll see all kinds of randomness on this blog!

I’ve been with my husband Matt for almost seven years now and we’re coming up on our 3rd married anniversary this May 1st, 2013. He’s my best friend, and as I am fond of saying… we are two very big peas in a very small pod! He and I are very much alike, he is my best friend and I love him with all my heart.

● Tentacles
● Moths
● Fart Jokes
● Jane Austen Books
● Pride & Prejudice
● Repo! The Genetic Opera
● Rats
● Animals in General
● Writing
● Reading
● Cheesecake
● David Bowie
● Jim Henson Movies
● Renaissance Festivals
● Belly Dancing
● Fairies
● Whimsical Things
● Smoking Weed
● Jam Bands
● Hippies
● Plus Size Women
● Diet Dr. Pepper
● Thunder Storms & Lightning
● Wolves
● Vampires
● Witches
● Forum RPG’s
● Birds
● Fish
● Waterscapes
● Coors Light Beer
● Hockey
● Sensualism
● Photography
● Sexy .Gifs
● + Much More!

● Spiders!!!
● Being Broke
● Biggots
● Liars
● More when I think of it…


3 responses to “Yours Truly

  1. Fart jokes and Jane Austen – I do love this! 🙂

  2. Mmm, David Bowie. I could go for some David Bowie..

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